Monday, 5 November 2012

Free the dance! Flash mob #5.

Concerned about the dance crackdown sweeping Japan?  If you're in the Tokyo area, head down to Yoyogi park this Saturday at 5pm for Niji Iro Ninja's 5th flash mob!  We'll be busting moves from the Gangam Style and Thriller dances, but if you don't know the steps, there'll be time for freestyle too! Our events are really fun, friendly, and international- so bring a friend and get ready to make some new ones.  Your friends are interested in this issue but shy about dancing in public, you say?  We welcome non dancers who support the cause and want to join the party. 

11月10日(土)17時から代々木公園でNiji Iro Ninjaの5回目のフラッシュモブをやります。
今回は最近流行っているGangam Styleとスリラーのダンスを踊ります。


Typo? Yes... our editors are working on that. 

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