Did you know that late-night dancing in Japan is facing a police crackdown? This is because, in the last couple of years, without any official explanation, police have started enforcing a 1948 law restricting dance  - a law that was more or less ignored for six decades! It is known as the Entertainment and Amusement Trade Control Law or alternatively The Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Law.  In Japanese, it's known as the Fueiho (short for Fuzoku Eigyo Torishimari Horitsu).   

We are a group of dance lovers passionately opposed to the enforcement of a law which is ridiculous, archaic and sinister! We wish to raise awareness of the dance ban and gather support for the Let's Dance petition, which calls for dancing to be removed from the activities that are regulated under the Entertainment and Amusement Trade Control Law.  If you too oppose the current crackdown on dance, please join us by following us here or on Facebook or Twitter and by signing the online petition!

On this blog you will find: 
 information about the law and its enforcement
 news about the activities of our community and of other groups protesting the ban
 links to articles covering these topics 

We welcome your ideas and participation. Together let’s reclaim our right to dance through the night!

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