Q. I would like to come to a dance protest event but I don't know anyone. Does it matter?

- The people at our flash mob events are friendly and welcoming, so don't hesitate to join us. We hope you will become part of our community! Feel free to contact us in advance if you feel uncomfortable about turning up alone. We can meet you. Also, of course, bring friends to keep you company!

Q. Do I have to be a good dancer to join a flash mob or street party?

- No, you don't. If you are a good dancer, cool. If you aren't it doesn't matter, dance anyway! And if you don't wish to dance at all, that's fine, too. There are other things you can do - hand out fliers, take photos and videos, or simply soak up the atmosphere!

Q. Do I have to wear a costume to come to a flash mob event?

- It's up to you! Come as you like, in costume or in regular clothing. Either way, you are welcome. Sometimes there is a theme (for example, the zombie prom!) and so many people who join will be in costume. Again, entirely up to you.

Q. I can't go to an event myself but can I invite my Facebook friends along anyway?

- Yes, please do. This is a great help to us. The more FB invitations sent out, the larger the number of attendees. Try to join us next time or when you can.

Q. If I join a dance protest, could I get in trouble with the police?

- Our events are not technically protests, in that we have not registered the flash mob as a protest with the police. However, events potentially involve large numbers of people, which could cause congestion in public places. Obviously, we do not seek to obstruct or cause problems for pedestrians, commuters, traffic or police. We are sometimes asked to move on by police officers, and we do so promptly. There have been no problems so far. All participants must use their discretion, be polite, respectful and peaceful.

Q. What is the difference between Dance Out Loud Japan, NINJA Dance Movement and Let's Dance?

Dance Out Loud Japan is the blog connected to and reporting on the activities of the Niji Iro Ninja group. This blog also posts information related to the dance ban and information about dance culture more generally.

NINJA Dance Movement is the name of the group organising street dancing protests and flash mobs in and around Tokyo. Ninja is an acronym for Niji Iro Ninja JApan, the original name of the dance protest group.

Let's Dance is the name of the organisation protesting the night dance ban and collecting signatures for a petition to reverse the law. Dance Out Loud Japan and Niji Iro Ninja are not connected to Let's Dance but we recommend that Japan residents who are against the night dancing ban sign the Let's Dance petition.

Q. Can I obtain fliers with information on the group and its activities to hand out or display?

If you would like to distribute fliers in this way, especially for display in places that are connected with dance, then we can send you a file and you can print off as many copies as you wish. Unfortunately, we don't as yet have a print budget, so it would be over to you! We also recommend that if you are placing fliers in public places you first get permission from the institution you intend to display them in.

Q. I am a member of a dance group and we are interested in taking part in one of your events with our own choreography. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Let's talk. Please email us on renmcbacon@gmail.com

Q. I have images of Niji Iro Ninja events. Can I post them on your blog?

Certainly. We gratefully receive images and videos and where possible, with your permission, we are happy to post them on our blog. We acknowledge your contributions by saving files as 'courtesy of [your name]' unless you prefer not to be mentioned.

Q. I have lots of general information about dance in Japan. Are you interested in finding out more?

Of course. We want to find out more about dance culture in Japan and would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us on renmcbacon@gmail.com

Q. Can I contribute posts to your blog?

Yes, provided they are relevant to our project. Please email us on renmacbacon@gmail.com with your writing, news or suggestions for posts.

Q. I am involved with dance and I would be interested in giving my opinions on the ban. How can I do so?

Contact us, comment on our blog, Facebook and Twitter postings, submit writing which we may be able to post on the blog, or take part in an interview or opinion piece on our blog.

Q. You are Tokyo-based. Would you consider events in other locations around Japan?

Yes, it is possible. Please get in touch with your ideas.

Q. I am not based in Tokyo, but my friends and I are interested in staging events like yours. What can we do?

Please get in touch. Let's share our ideas and resources. Maybe you could set up your own Niji Iro Ninja group from afar!

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