Tuesday, 23 October 2012

flashbacks of '98

The Fueiho is not a new law, nor is this the first time it's been used to suppress club, music, and youth culture. While searching for information on the current crackdown, I came across this article, published in Tokyo Classified (which would go on to be renamed Metropolis in 2001).  Stop the Music, published in issue 296, seems to have been written in the late 90's, and describes a crackdown on clubs in Minato ward.  The thing that struck me about this article is how similar the situation was to the one we have now, in 2012.  Familiar themes emerged: a lack of clarity on why the old law was suddenly being enforced, theories of certain areas being targeted for image change, and few willing to speak on record.

Then, too, the reaction from the club/ music/ dance world was that the law was ridiculous and oppressive.  Here's one voice of protest: a anti-Fueiho anthem from You the Rock.  From 1998, here's Hoo! Ei! Ho!

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